We Need Openhearted Intelligent Listeners

by Justin Blackburn & Ian Morris

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Justin Blackburn
is an intuitive healer/author/comedian who feels like we are all perfect beings connected to source energy and the only thing keeping us from feeling that way all the time is ourselves. Justin Blackburn hopes you truly love yourself with your open heart. For an intuitive inner healing contact him at justin@justinblackburnlovesyou.com. He is the author of five books, his latest book "You Are Not A Normal Human Being" was published by Virgogray Press and can purchased at www.virgograypress.com. Justin Blackburn loves you. Find more about Justin Blackburn's love for you at www.justinblackburnlovesyou.com

Ian Morris
has experienced more in his life than his 35 years might suggest. A poet, artist and musician, Ian has used his exciting and diverse life experiences to inspire and influence his work. Born on August 4, 1977, in Morgantown, WV, Ian is a true Renaissance Man. From touring the country while performing both solo and with his band, Y/our Sparkle Heart to founding and running his own non-profit arts business, Ian brings passion and enthusiasm to everything he does.

After developing an interest in music at an early age from his late musician father, Al Morris, Ian’s musical influences grew rapidly, ranging from Sigur Ros to The Beatles. His personal musical projects have spanned across genres, including electronic, indie rock and world music. He has written at least five poetry books, focusing on themes of love, spirituality, overcoming odds and death – essentially, what it means to be human. Ian’s poetry could be described as a mix between traditional poets like Rumi and Hafiz and more contemporary writers like Jim Morrison and Charles Bukowski. His abstract, non-representational artwork has been inspired by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jackson Pollock, among others.

While Ian has accomplished much with his own body of work, he has done just as much for other artists and musicians as well. From acting as tour manager for his band to recording music for an assortment of musicians, Ian has enjoyed helping artists improve their craft and advancing the careers of others. Founding Homemade Genius, a non profit music and art organization, in 2005, the business has successfully operated for years in upstate South Carolina, offering music and art lessons, concerts, art shows and camps and after school programs for children. Homemade Genius encourages creativity and expression for all people.


released December 19, 2012

Justin Blackburn - Spoken Word,Vocals & poems

Ian Morris - All music,Vocals,Spoken word & Poems



all rights reserved


Justin Blackburn & Ian Morris South Carolina

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Track Name: My Love Wants To Be With God
whereever you are i am there
my love wants to be with god
whereever you are i am here
my love wants to be with god
and we will both be flowers
my love wants to be with god
and it always becomes quiet
whereever you are like a kiss

my love wants to be with god
and the filthiest fist fires on like a heart
my love wants to be with god
and the maddest madame sips her drink like a hurricane
my love wants to be with god
and the art dreams like flowering waves through grocery store streets
my love wants to be with god
and the lips move like certain horses down mountain dew summer spring waterfall wilderness track meets
my love wants to be with god
and the men fall asleep like twitching stars
my love wants to be with god
and the restaurant empties out like an ocean
my love wants to be with god
and it all becomes quiet

my love wants to be with god
my love wants to be with god

my love wants to be with god

- justin blackburn
Track Name: Anxiety
i'm never going back again on you
unless of course i drink a lot of booze
hanging out in the waiting room
mysteries of the daily news
back in 1842
i swear to god I think i murdered you
now my karma payment is overdue
apologize to that fucking dude
don't go off and get an attitude
already said i don't know what to do

i'm scared
she's scared
we're scared
who's there
come here
go there
we make a pair
of jeans
in the indie scene
of heaven's movie

chill, i know exactly what not to do
let me put you back inside of you
perfect love of infinite truth
i don't use animals as food
i know they lied to you in middle school
love it all, its all there is to do
the anxiety that grew and grew
all turns in to mountain dew
these are more the words and how to's
this is the energy awakening you

justin blackburn and kenny norsworthy
Track Name: GOD Sex
The pretty phat little grooves we stomped, clapped, and called out of us had their own ears to listen to us as the fire held its own heart to watch us beat. Melodies flaunted and fluttered, dreams of lovely scarce worlds, dreams of better and worse burned away forever as our binary frictions rustled the leaves and our one eternal mind gave way to northern flashes of light that emerged high above us. I wooed her around with my hand on the back of her head, stared deep into her, beyond eyes, laid her down in our majestic lullaby kitchen, kissed her fully with every life I had ever lived, and beheld the blessings of awakening. I believed in her more than I ever believed in anything. I do not know where exactly we went while making love but it was definitely somewhere beyond theories of time and space, far beyond some skeptical dude in a living room saying molecularly speaking that is impossible. It was pure love where everything was possible and impossible at the same time with no possibility to ever not happen. I fucked her God as she turned early morning orange in the dark evening sky, our body blankets wrapped warm in each other’s beings together inside of us. The fire gazed through her brown eyes tender. We drank each other’s lips naked in a midnight campfire picnic fury of beauty and romance. The sonnet that was the night revealed our mind’s passionate depth in each bead of sweat differently satisfying our deaths sure to come. Our minds were motionless with a million senses circling through our love rushing, through our blushing faces kissing majestically young ancient in love blooming fragility. We made perfect, precious love while volcanoes ruptured hot magma across the Pacific Rings of Fire, while blue moons shot through intergalactic space....

excerpt from "The Upper Middle Class Suburban White Boy Enlightened Guru Blues" a novel written by Justin Blackburn

to read contact Justin at justin@justinblackburnlovesyou.com
Track Name: Love Everything
Each Day
We Say
I'm Not The One

Each Time
We Die
We Learn The Way

Your Heart
Makes Me
Love Everything
Track Name: We All Take It Up The Ass
We All Take It Up The Ass

We all take it up the ass.
Each one of us eats shit.
We all smoke crack.
Each one of us sucks dick.

We all live in a mansion.
Each one of us drives a new sports car.
We all fuck our sisters.
Each one of us is a goddamn movie star.

We all feel happy when we smile.
Each one of us wants to fuck each other.
We all look good when we are dolled up.
Each one of us has a goddamn mother.

No one is better than you.
Each one of us gets to feel.
You are no better than no one.
Neither one of us is real.

- Justin Blackburn
from a collection of poetry entitled "I Met Your God" for this book contact Justin at justin@justinblackburnlovesyou.com
Track Name: You And The River
its a dream within a dream within a dream with a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream...

you and the river
sit close to me

after work
you don't want to work

go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep see how fun it is to die
its a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a lullaby

Justin Blackburn - Vocals, Lyrics

Ian Morris - Beats,Keys,Guitar
Track Name: Ridiculous Booze
Ridiculous Booze

Why do you drink?
Why are you such an asshole?
Why do you find it so hard to grow up?
Why does everything about living scare you?
Why don’t you pray anymore?
When was the last time you remember being truly happy?
Why do you never sleep anymore?
Can love still live here, even with all your brokenness?

I don’t know if this poem can go on any longer,
until these mad stumbling questions find suitable answers.

It’s things they’re all dying to know.

And you have to give it to them,
or you will never rest among the bronze gods.
You will never roam the halls of the fame game,
you’ll never be on the level
of those great literary giants,

without really putting yourself out there.

So give them everything you’ve got until the very end.

And even in death,
become a ghost
and never leave the hearts
you so miraculously transformed.

- Ian Morris
Track Name: Talking Indie Hipster Cracker Doo Wop Blues
Lose weight feel good about being ugly all the time
Do drugs feel good about being alive in my mind
Hate myself feel good about people who judge me inside
Love someone else I don’t know how but we are all still gonna die

Grow up feel good about going to dinner and eating outside
Try hard feel good about place in the sky
Throw up feel good about being a sinner on the side
Still not sure if for me Christ really died.

Get real feel good about the meds you were proscribed
Get a job feel good about your high school life
Hopefully she’ll marry me and we’ll have a special night
And at my funeral Ben Bridwell will smile with my pride

Justin Blackburn - Vocals, Lyrics

Ian Morris - Beats,Keys,Guitar
Track Name: The Sane And Responsible Vs. Dreams And The Committed.
There are no warriors left.
Nothing but tired souls with glazed over eyes,
Silver and milky.

And I know we are in trouble,
Because this is happening more consistently.
It happened again last night.
I got a call from a friend;
He was starved and separated from our kind.

He wasn’t himself.

This man had an anthem heart
With loud speakers on each shoulder,
An elaborate iron headdress,
And the suitable frame to carry that weight.

But here tonight,
My ears could only make out one sound:

It was the sound of crumbling.

A sound that only added to
The pile of ruins that he was becoming.

His words were dark and strangled:
Statements like “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore”
Or, “I think I’ll go get a real job.”

So it was hard not to feel like
We were losing another one to their side.

It’s the sane and responsible
Vs. dreams and the committed.

-Ian Morris
Track Name: I Am Loved By Homosexuals
i am loved by you
i am loved by you
you are loved by me
you are loved by me
we are one love
we are one family

i am loved by homosexuals
cause i am nice to every guy
in the morning when the mirror comes
i always wave goodbye

i am loved by african americans
cause my soul is never shy
in the evening when the moon is out
my smile is in the sky

i am loved by democrats republicans
cause i never choose a side
in the winter when the rivers freeze
all you have to do is slide

justin blackburn